Resveratrol Sources: Your Options

All of the resveratrol sources are well-known to impact the main mechanisms of aging when used in high concentration but one thing that is not well known is that there are many sources of Resveratrol not just red wine or grapes, those include many berries, Japanese Knotwood, and pomegranates even.

As you know if you have read this site before, I like to break down the options and weigh the pros and cons when I do lists like these.

So let’s break down all the different sources, shall we?

Red Wine: the best of the Resveratrol sources?

First, we have to bring up the big bad boy that everyone loves to mention red wine. This is a decent source of Resveratrol. But actually not what the Anti Aging Source recommends for your primary source. Ounce per ounce it does have a higher Resveratrol content then the other sources but not much more and the over abundance of this substance is known to cause liver damage, among other bad things :-). So it is not recommended as your only source of Resveratrol.

So bottom line: drinking an occasional glass of wine is good for your health but not anti aging heaven.

Good ol' Grapes

This is just as good a Resveratrol source as red wine, only coming in at a little less then red wine in total content of Resveratrol minus the headache in the morning. Also there is even one grape the Muscatine grape that has an extra chromosome (Over the ordinary six) that makes it a much more complete Resveratrol source out of all of them. This is our recommended snack fruit when it comes to Resveratrol.

Pretty Pomegranate

Pomegranates are one of a great source of Resveratrol out there. The anti aging substance is not found primarily in its juice though, it is also found also in its skin and seeds. A good way to get these benefits is to get a good pomegranate supplement that concentrates these parts as well as just the juice. One of the drawbacks is that it doesn’t slow all the key mechanisms of aging (Not slowing AGE proteins).

The Solid Japanese Knotwood Root

Is an awesome source of anti aging elixir, being rather common but rather concentrated already. If you can a very concentrated form of this you have a very good anti aging supplement indeed. It has a similar drawback as Pomegranate though in that it doesn’t slow all the key mechanisms of aging (Not slowing AGE proteins).

All The Other Resveratrol Sources

Berries such as blueberries, bilberries, and raspberries have been shown to have decent Resveratrol content. Even peanut butter and cocoa powder has some! These are not serious contenders, having to be eaten quite a bit to get sufficient levels to help your body! Though this doesn’t mean stop eating blueberries, which are one of natures “super foods”, but just to say don’t eat them primarily for their Resveratrol content. Eat them for all the other reasons as well (different ranges of antioxidants and such).

The Bottom Line

So what are we to say from all of this? While all of these are good sources of Resveratrol, they still don’t reach the level of purity and concentration at which you can get all the anti aging benefits of Resveratrol. Super concentrated supplementation is the best source of Resveratrol.

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