Some Simple and Useful Tips, Green Gram Powder and Pure Milk For Your Skin

by Nathiya

green gram powder for skin?

green gram powder for skin?

Stopping the skin from aging is always a major issue. But the skin can be protected from age markings and wrinkles!

I met one granny about 3 months back, she is in her 80's but she looks like a lady around 40.When I asked her secret, she revealed the natural tip she followed to prevent skin aging!

Hope it will be helpful for you too.Take three pieces of cotton soak well in pure organic milk and clean your face with it first.This cleans dirt from your skin. Then take green gram powder mix with curd and apply it all over your face.Do slight massage and let it dry for 5-10 minutes then wash it off. It tightens the skin.

By doing like this every other day your skin will become more soft,shining and can prevent aging marks.

More over, drink more water and consider using an umbrella while going out in sun rather than sun screen lotions.

These simple tips help a lot so try them out!



Anti Aging Skin Care Regimen

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