Superfoods - what are they and should we be eating them ?

Blueberries, the original superfood and super fruit.

Blueberries, the original superfood and super fruit.

The Question:

A mate told me about superfoods recently - what are they , where do we get them from ?

The Answer:

Superfoods are essentially are a marketing label not a defined group of foods with super properties as one might think.

The term "superfoods" came into existence around the time they started discovering Antioxidants (For more info on antioxidants, see anti aging supplements and anti aging vitamins)

They starting labeling foods for their antioxidant abilities (Called ORAC) and in the process of testing discovered that Blueberries had the highest level over and above the rest. It was then called a "super fruit/superfood" and the name and idea of "superfoods" caught on like wild fire.

It has been used to label everything from Acai Berries, south pacific seaweeds, chia seeds and more!

This is not to say you shouldn't eat them but that you should exercise caution. Because it is not a FDA label with a set definition you don't really know what you are getting. So be sure to do research as to why it is a "superfood" and don't let the marketer think that because they used "superfood" it is automatically has to be super!

Some good "superfoods" out there:

-Chia Seeds are a great product that the more I hear about them it makes them even more and more super they sound.

Be sure to get high quality seeds (Organic and non-Genetically modified).

-Blueberries are great fruits to snack on and live longer by!

Another good one is Muscadine grapes. This grape can be got all over the southern US and is shipped all over the world. They have an extra chromosome that gives them an extra kick in the Resveratrol department. (See Resveratrol Supplements for more info on what that is.

I will continue my research and get back with you on more later. Thanks for your question!

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