TA-65 Or Other Telomere Enhancers?

by Dan
(Nunica, Mich)

Dan wrote:

What is your take on TA-65 the newly discovered anti aging supplement? I cannot afford this. Can you recommend or suggest an affordable Telomerase activator or other Telomere enhancers?? How about an easily digestible "proper anti-aging" nucleotide rich supplement? I may be using this language improperly or these may be the same things. I just today signed up for your newsletter. If you have already written about this, please direct me to your posting. Thanks!

The Anti Aging Source Answer:

In fact, Dan, I have been researching Telomeres and TA-65 and it shows a lot of promise in clinical studies. Though this will be my first post on it, I will be publishing a lot more on this subject in the coming weeks so it is good that you signed up for the newsletter!

(Telomeres for those that don't know are little rods at the end of our DNA that have been shown to shorten every time those DNA replicate, the shorter they are the more our body has been shown to be susceptible to disease and eventually death)

As for other supplements, first a little history, TA-65 is the only supplement to be clinically proven to lengthen the shorter Telomeres in your body and not all of your Telomeres. So we are still a ways from living forever even with this technology.

That being said since you can't afford it, I actually have several affordable alternatives that have been clinically proven to drastically slow the rate of Telomere shortening. Those supplements are our Omega 3 supplement and our Resveratrol supplements.

Resveratrol has been clinically shown to help repair DNA (which is one of the consequences of Telomere shortening) and as such is a perfect substance for your "nucleotide rich supplement" (Nucleotides are part of your DNA). Buying Resveratrol in bulk is probably the best way for you to go to save money.

We also sell Omega 3 In Bulk.

Thanks for your questions.

And be looking for some new newsletters more in depth on these newsletters soon!

Director Of The Anti Aging Source

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Aug 16, 2013
Question on tat2 ta65 NEW
by: time will tell?

stabilizing, suspension and thickening agent E413 obtained from astragalus has what percentage (%) of tat2 ta65?. agent E413 used in manufacturing of food and of pharmaceutical industries use in products such as tooth paste, processed cheese and confectionery that adults and children eat, drink and use. As the internet war rages on in a debate on ta65 and australian afl players are questioned over their use of ta65 and with what seems very little photographic evidence of the before and afters being offered up on sites and in the news, can I be sure that even E413 is safe?

Apr 23, 2011
by: Dr Dave

Great question Cliff. Without naming manes the products I tested at Sierra Sciences labs which does nothing but test for telomerase activity and cellular viability were 300 mg of Trans resveratrol concentrated to equivalent human dosage (assuming 5 liters of blood volume/person) of 1 and 2 caps at a time ( separate tests for both doses).
The product in question is sold by a company that claims to have a potential telomerase activator which when tested at Sierra Sciences in typical doses had zero activity.

The resveratrol product was toxic to cells at the lowest dose. On the web site that sells this product there are 3 different independent university labs listed to have tested the product for purity and contamination.
Personally i don't think that resveratrol is in any way toxic to cells, I do wonder what product was tested versus what product is being sold.
bottom line as you well know: buy from a reputable source that does real testing on production batches- batches that are made to be sold to consumers not pass lab tests! Best, Dr Dave

Apr 20, 2011
Thanks Dave!
by: Cliff Fontenot, Director Of The Anti Aging Source

Hey Dave, thanks so much for your input! I have a question about your Resveratrol tests, what was the effective purity and concentration of the Resveratrol that was administered and was trans-Resveratrol involved?

Apr 19, 2011
by: Dr Dave

Hi As co Author of The Immortality Edge along with Greta Blackburn who was interviewed here and Mike Fossel I would like to share my experiences with TA-65.

First its not for everyone as the price seems to be the sticking point. That said most of the people who are on it are not wealthy. They simply have made a conscious decision to prioritize their health above conveniences etc.

Next we know that while its dose dependent all doses turn on telomerase and lengthens short telomeres in the majority of people

I think the most researhced things for telomere length is fish oil by far. Resveratrol has been called everything from a telomerease inhibitor to an activator. My specific testing of usual human doses showed no activity either way.

Carnosine and CO Q 10 are also very good but if you start buying them and throw in a multi vite and a high quality fish oil you can afford TA-65 instead! Our book the Immortality Edge has a lot of free advice as well on this topic.
Best Dr Dave

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