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An Interview With Greta Blackburn, Telomere Research Expert

Greta Blackburn Telomere Research Expert

Greta Blackburn, Telomere Research Expert and co-author of this newest and most cutting-edge book on Telomere research and staying vital and energetic for decades longer than formerly believed possible, is determined that no one be left behind as technology enables all of us to live longer, more vital lives. 

She has appeared on television in roles ranging from a recurring character on “Dynasty” to Lorraine “the good lizard” on “V: The Final Battle” to guest-starring roles in dozens of episodic shows to appearances on Fox and Friends, Entertainment Tonight and a host of others.

After years of success in the entertainment industry appearing in films, on television, and in mini-series, Ms. Blackburn shifted her focus, began to build her health and fitness credentials by becoming the Founding Editor of Ms. Fitness Magazine in 1993, and the Founder of FITCAMPS, wellness retreats for adults, in 1994.

From 2007 to December 2009, Ms. Blackburn worked in the field of age management as Marketing Director for TA Sciences, Inc. in Manhattan. Her duties there included lifestyle coaching, marketing, planning and production of Telomere research conferences, and advisory board meetings with researchers and scientists. She successfully created and implemented the first TA Think Tank conference which took place in Palm Springs, California in 2007, and which welcomed leaders in the fields of stem cell technology, Telomere research and related fields. Ms. Blackburn has also appeared as host on the televised Ms. Fitness USA and Ms. Fitness World contests, which have been seen by millions of viewers for several years on Fox SportsNet. Ms. Blackburn is a graduate of the American Academy of Dramatic Arts.  

Ms. Blackburn produced the inaugural T.A. Sciences “Telomere Talks,” live event/webinars which have been scene by thousands of people all over the globe which focused on Telomere research. Ms. Blackburn also co-chaired the 2009 Manhattan Beach Project—Longevity Summit.  

She recently returned to the stage in NY recently for a limited run in a “message play” (a sort of “The Secret” Meets “Cabaret”) that further enables her to spread the message that 100 is the New 50!

She is currently the Longevity expert/telomere research expert for as well as promoting her book (Which we will be talking about) among other capacities!

And somehow this busy woman was able to sit down with us for a bit!

[Anti Aging Source] To start off, I must say I am very impressed with your biography, and it’s great diversity from Movies and TV to Fitness instructor, magazine editor, authoring two books and co-chairing a research project in very advanced fields of study (Boy that was a lot to type). One thing I couldn’t find mentioned is what made you switch? Was it a gradual process or did some major event happen to make you want to change your life’s work?

[Greta Blackburn, Telomere Research Expert] I had always had an interest in fitness- I paid my way through acting school at The American Academy of Dramatic Arts in NY by working at a Jack LaLAnne Fitness Studio in NY. Throughout my acting and modeling careers I always enjoyed staying on top of trends: I worked with Johnny G (some PR and marketing efforts) before he had named SPINNING, “spinning”. I brought Billy Blanks out from the East Coast before anyone really knew who he was and helped him get off the ground.

You see timing is everything so when I did a cover story/profile for a fitness magazine (Natural Body and Fitness) and the publisher asked me to become Editor of that magazine I was thrilled because showbiz was just beginning to become no fun. It was moving in that "mostly a business" and not an art process thing so I was pretty disillusioned at the time with acting. Plus, I was no longer 19 (!) and the parts for women were becoming less and less appealing. I vowed to return to showbiz when I had some control---and I am dipping my toes back in the water now with projects that have a message and some meaning and are not just DEMEANING as so much of the stuff today can be. (More on this at the end of the interview)

[Anti Aging Source] I can’t wait to talk about your latest book, but first I want to ask you, (since it so obvious) what it is about fitness and being well that you love so much? And how has it changed your life?

[Greta B] What I love about fitness is the way it makes you feel. I cannot imagine being a couch potato--that would be utterly depressing. And science shows us that exercise can provide all those feel good factors. Fitness has not changed my life- it IS my life. It is how I am hardwired. You cannot separate Greta B from fitness. They are one and the same.

[Anti Aging Source] Your latest book is about applying the precepts of Telomere biology and telomere research. First, for those who don’t know about Telomere research, what are Telomeres in a nutshell and why are they so important to reversing aging?

[Greta] So you want the Elevator pitch on Telomere research: They are protective endcaps at the ends of the cells an function in much the same way as do  "aglets" , the protective tips at the ends of shoelaces. Telomeres are the time clock of the cell and determine how long it will function well and how quickly it will devolve and die. Telomeres are affected by a host of lifestyle factors, including stress, diet, and exercise. We now know that we can make changes in our lifestyle that will protect and rejuvenate our telomeres.

[Anti Aging Source]In what way is it important then to be fit and in shape? How does that help our Telomeres?

[Greta] The Immortality Edge explains in full detail the EXACT specifics of the connection between fitness and our Telomeres. It is a fairly simple puzzle but it is a puzzle with various pieces. Which really would take to long to explain.

[Anti Aging Source] Also is there a particular diet that your book talks about or are supplements the way to go?

[Greta] We provide a detailed nutrition and supplement regimen in the book.  I conceived and co-authored The Immortality Edge and brought on board  Michael Fossel, MD, PhD and author of "Reversing Human Aging" and Dr. David Woynarowski, a supplement developer and anti-aging doctor, so that readers could get the inside (and ONLY!) comprehensive explanation on how to keep those Telomeres long! My specialty, of course  is the workout component as well as the mind/body and de-stressing elements. When I devised the outline and concept for the book I knew I needed to bring on board experts in all of the areas needed to fully support Telomere health. Between the three of us, we have the bases covered so that the reader gets the cutting-edge, inside track.

[Anti Aging Source] What is the daily regimen you do these days to stay fit and fabulous? :-)

[Greta] You are using my favorite word: FABULOUS! I am on the road 90% of the time these days between my promotion efforts for the book and my passion for another project, The Manhattan Beach Project. Staying in shape for me is using the high-intensity interval training principles that are clearly explained in the book, daily yoga, and walking for extended periods of time. This is stuff that I can do anywhere and with little time. I work out far less than anyone would imagine,however, and probably for less time that most of the people reading this interview, if truth be told. 

[Anti Aging Source] Is there any other news in your many projects that my readers might find intriguing or any forth coming revelations this year?

[Greta] Yes! Everyone should go to and see the all-star lineup there that includes Ray Kurzweil, Aubrey de Grey and most of the top researchers in the world of longevity today. My mission is to make 100 the new 50! Also, my theatrical endeavors are of super import to me. "The Ice Cream Man Cometh" is a one-act play that we are touring and people can come out and see me do what I love (act) and also come away with a real feel-good, "The Secret" type message. There is information on that at

The Anti Aging Source recommends you check out her FITCAMPS website for some great anti aging retreats!

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And of course we recommend her book on Telomere research:

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