The Best Diet and Supplements After A Stroke

by Sally Ann

User Question:

My Dad suffered a stroke about 9 months ago. It was quite damaging but, his recovery has been nothing short of miraculous! We are now looking forward to celebrating his 80th birthday next week.

I would love to see him maintain his full vitality for as long as possible. I think he is doing very well on the exercise front.

Do you have any specific dietary or supplement recommendations that are very helpful in terms of stroke recovery in a general sense? I would love some pointers so that we could do the research ourselves and make some decisions on what might be worth trying.

Thanks and love your website!

The Source Answer:

Thank you for your questions and kind words about my site! Be sure to wish your Dad a very happy birthday from the Anti Aging Source! :-)

For an answer to your questions, an optimum diet after a stroke entails eating food high in fiber, with fresh fruits and whole grains, also with many lean protein (Including Soy Protein).

Avoid foods high in sugar, fat and anything fried. Also avoid smoking, alcohol, caffeine, and any chemical additives in food.

Here is a list of supplements that help after a stroke as well:

Resveratrol (Helps a lot with brain health, see Resveratrol Anti Aging Supplement for more info.)

Omega 3 also helps with brain health as well blood pressure and keeps the heart strong. (See Omega 3 Benefits for info on that as well.

CoQ10 strengthens the heart muscle itself (Look for a page regarding this soon feel free to subscribe to this site)

B-Complex is also recommended along with, vitamin E and a high quality multivitamin. (Read more on these in anti aging vitamins.)

Thanks again for your questions and may your father have a very long life ahead of him!


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