Using Anti Aging Lotion Over The Whole Body

by Chris
(St. Loui, Missouri)

User Comment:

I am 54 and have a friend that is 60. He was talking about applying anti aging lotion to his entire body after showering every day. I commented to him that it sounded like a lot of work to apply this anti aging lotion daily. He said that it only takes a couple of minutes to do it.

I though to myself after taking a shower one night that I would try what he had recommended. He was right! It only took a couple of minutes if that...

I now follow this routine every time after showering. It not only helps your skin look supple but also feel good and relaxing.

Now I go through a family size bottle or lotion every couple of months.

It amazing what you can learn from others if you listen.

The Anti Aging Source Comment:

Thank you for your comment, Chris! I was wondering, what lotion do you use? Comment again if you want to share!

Until then check out anti aging skin care and anti aging moisturizer for more info!

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