Vinpocetine Review

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Vinpocetine is a supposed anti-aging pill that helps support brain circulation and cognitive function. Basically it's supposed to help my brain function as well as it did 30 years ago. Well after about a month of taking these pills I started having the worst nausea; not knowing what was causing it I continued use for another week. What a mistake that was. I would stand up and get so dizzy that I couldn't stand up straight without wobbling.

So I went to the doctor and as soon as I told him I was using Vinpocetine he took the bottle from me and threw it in the trash. Thank goodness he did, by far the worst anti-aging product ever!

Note from The Anti Aging Source:

This is a major reason why we never recommend anything that is not 100% tested and safe. This concoction is a primarily synthetic (read fake) compound made from leaves of the lesser periwinkle plant. This does not add up to natural at all but more a twisting of nature. We always recommend natural sources for our anti aging vitamins and always will!

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