What are the best natural foods to help with anti-aging ?

by S. H.

The Questions:

I'm wondering what the best sorts of foods to eat to help with looking a bit younger. Where to buy them from? What are they? and how much to eat? I heard the MSG is bad for you - can you comment on this too. Do you ever eat out - or is that food full of MSG?

The Source answers:

The best things to eat are fresh fruits and vegetables. All kinds in all amounts (You can't have too much)! The more variety (colors) the better! I am talking like red peppers, yellow bananas, "blue" berries, black olives, orange carrots, green broccoli, etc use your imagination! The greater the variety you eat, the greater the spectrum of various antioxidants you will get when you eat them and the better your skin tone and firmness over time.

The places to buy them is to get them from whever is freshest and most organic. See organic food benefits for more info on organic food.

In the order of freshest to least fresh is as follows:

1. Organic Local Farmers Market In Season Fruits and Veggies.

-Nothing can beat this for freshness and quality.

2. Your Local supermarket organic (Like The Higher end Supermarkets, and not Walmart, I don't recommend anything from Walmart!)

-They still need to bring these in from more local locations transportation still has to be fast because organic products can't be artificially preserved in anyway. (Though not like the local farmers who are like right next door this still might take a few days to get to the store)

3. Organic or non-organic vegetables and fruits from your local stores frozen section.

-These are a close third because they are usually frozen at the peak time of freshness and are actually quite nutritious!

4. Everything else in the produce section

-Get these only when the others are available they are still better nutrition for your skin then that twinkie you would buy anyways! :-)

To Answer Your MSG Questions

In reference to MSG in my research there is really no danger in MSG in and of itself. The main danger in eating out and things rich in MSG (Such as Soy Sauce etc.) does not come from the MSG but from the large amounts of Sodium (salt) in the same products with MSG. For instance, Soy Sauce on average in one teaspoon (and most use more than this) has 50% of your necessary Sodium!

Eating things like that the average American eats double the amount of Sodium recommended for good health for this very reason! These elevated levels can lead to heart disease through clogged arteries and can cause inflammation leading to joint problems.

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